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How long does delivery take?
Dependant on the item and delivery location, transit time can take from 24 hours to 3 weeks. Small items are usually delivered by fast courier services whereas large items and multiple packages are consigned on our own fleet of vans. We cover the mainland and Ireland on a 3 week cycle so although the majority of deliveries take place within 2 weeks, if you have just missed the cycle it can take 3 weeks. We also carry our urgent deliveries for an extra charge. If you simply stipulate a deadline we will quote you if there is an additional shipping fee. We need a contact phone number to be able to advise you the day before delivery and to find out if you will be at home on the delivery day.
Do you have a catalogue?
Only the on-line shopping section. We do not stock a hard copy of a brochure as our stock range is continually changing. We recommend visiting the website on a regular basis to get as many great bargains as you can!
Do you ship abroad?
At the moment we are sticking to the UK only however watch this space because we have plans for starting to ship to the US and Europe in the near future.
If I change my mind after I have received the goods, can I send it back with a full refund?
We apologise but we do not accept returns if the item is delivered in perfect condition. Please see our Conditions of Sale for details on the cool-off period if the item is unopened. Of course if the item arrives broken or defective we will exchange it.