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Wall Mirrors

Modern and contemporary mirrors to truly reflect your style and personality. We stock a wide range of wall mirrors, decorative mirrors, Venetian mirrors, art-deco mirrors, many hand made and in all shapes and sizes. Give any room that uplifting feel of space, light and airiness with one of our fabulous mirrors.

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  • Large Round Mirror

    Large Round Mirror

    Product ID:FM264

    Large Round Mirror...
  • Manhattan Wall Mirror

    Manhattan Wall Mirror

    Product ID:FM663

    The Manhattan Wall Mirror has an outstanding, eye catching desi...
  • Bold Venetian Wall Mirror

    Bold Venetian Wall Mirror

    Product ID:FM613

    This beautiful modern representation of a Venetian mirror is hi...
  • Modern Bevelled Mirror

    Modern Bevelled Mirror

    Product ID:FM653

    This Rectangular Bevelled Mirror is in keeping with modern tast...
  • Black Borders Mirror

    Black Borders Mirror

    Product ID:FM656

    This mirror has two stepped borders of opaque black glass. Perf...
  • Pebbled Wall Mirror

    Pebbled Wall Mirror

    Product ID:FM659

    The Pebble Mirror is surrounded by a thick black box frame cove...
  • Edward Kingsize Wall Mirror (Silver)

    Edward Kingsize Wall Mirror (Silver)

    Product ID:FM646SV

    This bevelled mirror is surrounded by a decorative, baroque-sty...
  • Steinway Wall Mirror

    Steinway Wall Mirror

    Product ID:FM344

    Steinway Wall Mirror is a stunning example of a modern art-deco...
  • Zig Zag Wall Mirror

    Zig Zag Wall Mirror

    Product ID:FM361

    This contemporary mirrored plaque can be hung either vertical ...

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