Unique Mactan Stone Furniture and Decor

We are only one of the few companies to stock Mactan stone furniture and decor. We display it in our showroom in Blackpool Lancashire. Our range of Mactan stone includes banana jars, stone coffee tables, lamp tables, display units, mirrors and sideboards.

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What is Mactan stone?

It is a cousin to sea coral and is found only on the island of Mactan in the South Philippines. It is an ancient rock in which you can find fossils of prehistoric creatures who once inhabited the reefs.

The stone can be polished to a highly glazed finish or only slightly polished to produce a Mediterranean finish. Sometimes we specify a rock edge on this primitive stone to highlight its origins. The fascination of Mactan stone is enduring and in the range of fine pieces made by the local craftsmen.

You can choose compatible pieces to furnish any lounge or dining room and render an effect which will reflect your lifestyle and individuality.

Every item is completely unique and a one-off.