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Chandeliers, pendant and ceiling lights provide a good spread of light across an entire room. Although we tend to think of chandeliers as being large and potentially obtrusive, there are many styles and lights that offer the same blanket of light in a room without taking up the whole ceiling space. A chandelier has several arms stemming from the central fitting. Each arm has at least one light attached, and these may or may not have lightshades covering them. Chandeliers tend to be ornate in their design. There are also those that are considered multi-arm lights, rather than chandeliers. These are available in a large variety of different styles including less ornate, more geometric, designs. Chandeliers and multi-arm lights offer a lot of lighting from a single fitting. They are best suited to large spaces. When used in a small room, chandeliers can be overpowering, so use some discretion when choosing this type of lighting.

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  1. Clameration Pendant Light Fitting (Black)

    Clameration Pendant Light Fitting (Black)

    The Clameration Pedant Lamp takes its inspiration from industrial lighting from the 1960's. The simple and classic shape works well with modern interiors giving a contemporary yet understated look. Learn More
  2. Candelabra Chandelier


    A hanging six light candelabra style LED chrome finished chandelier. Expertly finished with chrome, this stunning light display will brighten up any home. Learn More
  3. LED Outline Chandelier

    LED Outline Chandelier

    Our Outline Chandelier gives you all the grandeur of an ornate chandelier but with a cool, contemporary twist. So it has a chrome finish and has an outline design with LED lights. Learn More
  4. LED Galaxy Chandelier


    Beautiful geometric LED galaxy chandelier light complete with chrome orbs and astronomical framing. Learn More
  5. Chrome Ball Sputnik Chandelier

    Chrome Ball Sputnik Chandelier

    Brighten up your life with this totally fabulous chrome glass chandelier. Inspired by the great Venetian Glass artisans, this stunning fitting will add the 'Wow Factor' to any room. Learn More
  6. Industrial Warehouse Chandelier

    Industrial Warehouse Chandelier

    A funky looking chandelier that would suit quirky loft apartments, studios and open-plan areas where illumination and style are priority. Learn More
  7. Silver Flare Chandelier

    Silver Flare Chandelier

    Silver flare chandelier in chrome finish, a simply stunning ceiling light from Fabulous Furniture. Learn More
  8. The Vegas Chandelier

    The Vegas Chandelier

    This glamorous glass and metal chandelier light fitting comes with an adjustable hanging mechanism. 3 wires are used to suspend this lamp which can be easily adjusted to hang the chandelier at the desired height. Learn More


    Beautiful clameration pendant lamp inspired by the industrial lighting of the 1960’s. Simple and understated, this modern take on a classic will give your home a stunning sense of class and style. Learn More

    Regular Price: £39.99

    Special Price £24.99

  10. Six Light Copper Chandelier

    Six Light Copper Chandelier

    A stunning six light, glass and copper finished chandelier. The perfect contemporary light fitting for the modern home. Learn More

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