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About Fabulous Furniture

Fabulousfurniture , or FabFurn as we have become known grew out of humble origins It's still a family business with 50 dedicated staff. We first started making furniture in 1979 when Italian reproduction was all the rage. Plenty of carved details and pretentious styles of which some timeless models still form part of our range. But sales really picked up when we embraced the retro style of the nineteen fifties. Plenty of chrome, black leather, toughened glass and signature pieces which can enhance any environment.

We have found that whilst people may be able to find one or two pieces at the right price there is no supplier offering such a wide choice of designer pieces that covers every aspect of home furnishing whether it be mirrors, bar stools and bars, occasional chairs, dining tables, dining chairs, coffee tables, lamps, chandeliers, ornaments, funky seating or bespoke upholstery.

We know our customers want to impose an individual touch to their choice of home embellishment and towards that aim FabFurn is constantly adding new iconic pieces and through the magic of the internet we have been able to shave prices down to suit the pocket of almost everybody.

The current so-called credit crunch has provided opportunities to widen our circle of buyers. As it gets more and more expensive to travel and park in the cities, smart buyers are scanning the web for companies like ours which deliver to your front door and save the task and expense of hunting for furniture and lighting. Similarly we, as suppliers, can be bolder in stocking more products which harmonise with the cutting edge style which you seek. A neat application of the principle of economy of scale. In fact, by virtue of our expansion, we have managed to keep prices down despite the increase of commodity prices and the decline of sterling against the dollar and euro .

We have increased the number of countries from where we source the furniture accessories and we have bought another 2 vehicles with which to deliver goods to all parts of the UK and Ireland. Although we are in Blackpool we get round the country with our friendly drivers on a regular cycle ensuring that your goods are carefully handled from start to finish.

Blackpool, with its string of conference halls, ballrooms, hotels and attractions has been a good base for us as many customers like to call in when visiting the town and see an even wider range of products that what we have offered on the web site .

Some customers are sending us their fabrics to put on our chairs and sofas and we are pleased to quote for bespoke jobs as we employ a team of polishers, carpenters and upholsterers in our factory section where we take on jobs for hotels, restaurants and bars.

FabFurn hopes to retain its place as market leader in its field and we are aware that a satisfied customer will reveal our details to a friend or relative. That is why we try so hard to make sure you get exactly what you ordered for the right price and by speedy delivery and we thank you for your continuing support of our friendly family firm.