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Chaise Longues

Our range of Italian Chaise Longues are made to your specifications so let us know your cover and wood specifications and our skilled french polishers and upholsterers will fabricate your perfect piece of furniture.

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  • Modern Lounge Chair

    Modern Lounge Chair

    Product ID:FW397

    Modern Lounge Chair...
  • Balloon Chaise Longue

    Balloon Chaise Longue

    Product ID:FGU33

    Balloon Chaise Longue is upholstered by our skilled team of cra...
  • Chaise Longue

    Chaise Longue

    Product ID:FGU153

    This Chaise Longue is an 18th Century French design. The Itali...
  • Italian Miniature Chaise Longue

    Italian Miniature Chaise Longue

    Product ID:FGU16

    Best seen at the top of the stairs or at the foot of the bed, t...
  • Telephone Seat

    Telephone Seat

    Product ID:FGU14

    The Italian Telephone Chaise is polished and upholstered by our...
  • Cleopatra Occasional Chaise

    Cleopatra Occasional Chaise

    Product ID:FGU573

    All our fine Italian furniture ranges are finished by our own t...

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Chaise Lounge or Chaise Longue?

It is acceptable to use both spelling for Chaise chairs. Technically the correct spelling is longue (coined in France in the 18th Century), but as most people use these luxurious seats in a living room the phrase Chaise Lounge has also become acceptable.

Designer French and Italian Seating

Our selection allows you to choose from a range of beautifully upholstered chaises to match contemporary and traditional décor. We stock curved and double ended versions for something unique. Choose from modern designs or more traditional pieces such as the Winchester and Egyptian chaises.