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Mirrored Mirrors

An extensive range of modern glass framed mirrors in shapes and sizes to suit. Our collection includes overmantle mirrors, large wall mirrors and ornate pieces.

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  • Bold Venetian Wall Mirror

    Bold Venetian Wall Mirror

    Product ID:FM613

    This beautiful modern representation of a Venetian mirror is hi...
  • Large Round Mirror

    Large Round Mirror

    Product ID:FM264

    Large Round Mirror...
  • Manhattan Wall Mirror

    Manhattan Wall Mirror

    Product ID:FM346

    A striking wall mirror with bags of character, depth and presen...
  • Many Mirrors Wall Mirror

    Many Mirrors Wall Mirror

    Product ID:FM679

    A collection of small beveled mirrors in varying sizes joined t...
  • Mirrored Console Table

    Mirrored Console Hallway Table

    Product ID:FM680

    This stunning mirrored console table will look fabulous in the ...
  • Octagon Wall Mirror

    Octagon Wall Mirror

    Product ID:FM677

    A simple and stylish octagon shaped wall mirror with beveled mi...
  • Pebbled Wall Mirror

    Pebbled Wall Mirror

    Product ID:FM659

    The Pebble Mirror is surrounded by a thick black box frame cove...
  • Simple Mirror Frame Wall Mirror

    Simple Mirror Frame Wall Mirror

    Product ID:FM366

    This mirror framed mirror is new to our fabulous collection. We...
  • Steinway Wall Mirror

    Steinway Wall Mirror

    Product ID:FM344

    Steinway Wall Mirror is a stunning example of a modern art-deco...

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Unusual Mirrors

Our selection of all glass mirrors includes unique, designer pieces. These include contemporary and traditional takes on unusual designs. For a classic look take a look at our Venetian wall mirrors, or try a minimal round or square shape for a sharp modern look.

Ornate Mirrors

Each of our pieces has been designed to add style to a room. The mirrored edges add an extra dimension by reflecting even more light and creating the illusion of more space in a room. We have pieces suitable for the lounge wall or overmantle. We also have options for the bathroom or bedroom such as a Venetian dressing table piece.