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We can offer you a vast range of novelty figurines, mini statuettes and contemporary art sculptures. Finishes include glossy black and antique silver to enhance your modern living space.

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  • 5 Branch Aluminium Candelabra 43cm

    5 Branch Aluminium Candelabra 43cm

    Product ID:JE6

    This classy candelabra immediately enhances any area it is plac...
  • Love Letters

    Love Letters

    Product ID:CP43

    The ideal gift for someone special. This chrome plated ceramic ...
  • Ceramic Peace Ornament

    Ceramic Peace Ornament

    Product ID:CP42

    Silence is golden and peace is silvery, or chrome, or mirrored!...

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Glass Ornaments and Figurines

We have a superb range of multi coloured, plain and black glass ornaments. Including a wide variety of animal ornaments and figurines. Our modern black glass lady figurines make stylish bedroom or lounge ornaments. The Venetian style glass hens are great for the kitchen.

Other Home Ornaments and Figurines

We also offer chrome, silver and ceramic animal figurines. Plus a great selection of contemporary pieces such as the glass lady torso lamps. The collection also features candelabras in aluminium, which make the perfect vintage candle holders for your dining room. The glazed pottery stilettos are stunning pieces with a feminine touch.