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Ceramic vase section

Our modern ceramic vase section offers you unique and exclusive designs expertly finished in rich gold, mirror silver and shiny black. Do that special bouquet justice by displaying it one of our fantastic vases!

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  • Emmentaler Vase (Large)

    Emmentaler Vase (Large)

    Product ID:CP25

    A beautiful platinum fired ceramic vase with chrome and white g...
  • Argentina Mirrored Flower Vase

    Argentina Mirrored Flower Vase

    Product ID:GW259

    A fantastic matt black glass flower vase with a seventies mirro...
  • Argentina Cylinder Vase

    Argentina Cylinder Vase

    Product ID:GW258

    This imposing glass vase is decorated with perfection. Its tall...
  • Glass Disco Bowl

    Glass Disco Bowl

    Product ID:GW257

    A fantastic black art glass vase with a mirrored circular patte...
  • Argentina Large Mirrored Vase

    Argentina Large Mirrored Vase

    Product ID:GW256

    There is no better way to show of that special bouquet than wit...
  • Tall Black Glass Flower Vase

    Tall Black Glass Flower Vase

    Product ID:GW255

    This oversized modern piece of glassware is tall, slender and s...
  • Emmentaler Vase

    Emmentaler Vase

    Product ID:CP26

    Beautiful platinum fired ceramic vase. Also available in a larg...
  • Golden Urn

    Golden Urn

    Product ID:GW266

    There's nothing modest of understated about these glass urns. T...
  • Black and Silver Glass Vase

    Black and Silver Glass Vase

    Product ID:GW269

    This shapely vase shows a mixture of black and silver foil back...

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Ceramic Vases

Luxurious small, tall and large ceramic vases feature heavily in our collection. These unique pieces can be used on tables in the living room or dining room. We also have a selection of floor standing ceramic vases in black and white.

Glass Vases

Our plain and black glass vases include oversized wine and cocktail glasses. They make a stunning centrepiece on a dining table. We also offer contemporary pieces for the lounge, hall or kitchen. These include designer vases and bowls in small and big sizes.