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Chrome Plated Ceramics

Beautiful chrome plated ceramics with a perfect mirror-finish. This stunning collection will make the perfect accessory for any contemporary living space.

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  • Ceramic lady dish

    Ceramic lady dish

    Product ID:CP80

    The ceramic lady dish is sitting comfortably in a black and sil...
  • Ceramic Chrome Dipped Giraffe

    Ceramic Chrome Dipped Giraffe

    Product ID:CP7

    This giraffe could be sitting comfortably on your mantle displa...
  • Small ceramic spider

    Small ceramic spider

    Product ID:CP100

    The Chrome Spider ornament is an unusual home accessory. Grante...
  • Acropa Spikey Ceramic Vase

    Acropa Spikey Ceramic Vase

    Product ID:CP53

    Fabulous furniture pride themselves on offering the most unique...
  • Ceramic Heart Trees

    Ceramic Heart Trees

    Product ID:CP59

    Our extensive range of chrome plated ceramics now include vases...
  • Clematis Chrome Ceramic Vase

    Clematis Chrome Ceramic Vase

    Product ID:CP55

    The Clematis Chrome Vase Ornament. Possibly not essential, but ...

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Ceramic Animal Ornaments

Animal ceramics including giraffes, spiders, pigs and horses. Also a range of fish ceramics including Puffa fish and Angel fish. Plus more underwater life with crabs and octopus. These silver, white or black ornaments are perfect for bedrooms and living rooms.

Contemporary Ceramic Bowls and Ornaments

Our ceramics range also includes an array of contemporary bowls and other ornaments. The bowls are platinum fired with beautiful detailing. There is also a selection of glazed pottery and ceramic vases to choose from in modern designs.